Susan Crowell

When I started at Farm and Dairy, I really wasn’t planning on staying. After all, who wants to write about cows and pigs all their life? Not me, man. I was headed to the bright lights, the big city.

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Kristy Foster

Hi! My name is Kristy Foster and I’m a reporter for the Farm and Dairy. Let me start out by saying I’m the granddaughter of a dairy farmer and the daughter of a grain farmer. I am very proud to tell people my roots are in agriculture.

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Chris Kick

I don’t really know what an iPad is, nor do I care to have one. The only “blackberry” I ever bought was the kind you get at a farmers market, and pour some sugar and milk over top.

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Will Flannigan

I’m what you call a “city boy.” Honestly, I never thought as myself as a “city boy”, but I guess the title is fitting.

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The Social Silo is the new “social face” of the newspaper Farm and Dairy. We want to be a community blog about the rural world. About manure. About county fair prize-winning pie recipes. Just not in the same sentence. We want to foster communication between farmers and nonfarmers, to share different perspectives, to make us all think and grow a little. We want to ask questions, and listen to your answers.
The Social Silo
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