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Essay earns trip to farm for Ohio students

Winners of the Ohio Livestock Coalition's For Your InFarmation essay contest announced.

Being a dirt diva may good for your health

Who would have thought that a little dirt under the fingernails or jumping through a mud puddle would be good for a girl?

Top posts for 2011

Some surprises were found in the top 10 posts in 2011.

Some things to think about at the next junior fair livestock sale

During the next junior fair livestock sale you attend, think about these three groups of people: the 4-H'er, parents and the buyers.

Payday for 4-H’ers can mean many things

Some would say a 4-H project is meant to be a learning experience and not a money-maker. ... But there are others, like myself, who not only treated the project as a learning experience, but also as a source of revenue

Vogel Valley Farms: a family to take a lesson from

A model size view of a farm can teach life lessons to those not connected to agriculture.

Unwanted horses— There has got to be a better solution

Every day, I read horrid stories about abandoned horses. I can understand is someone can no longerafford them or take care of them. What I don’t understand is why you would just abandon them.

A memory lasts a lifetime

A walk in a pasture with some cattle triggers a childhood memory.

FFA conventions highlight accomplishments, strength of program

The skills these students learn are practical, common sense-based and useful for day-to-day living.

4-H’ers truly DO pledge their ‘health to better living’

Researchers have found 4-H'ers are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs. We shouldn't be surprised. After all, it's one of the four H's: Head, Heart, Hands, Health.

That fifth grade farm tour made an impression

The Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District has offered a farm tour to fifth-graders since 1965. Since 1965!!! That's a lot of time and energy and volunteers and bratty kids. It's also a lot of exposure to natural resources protection, conservation and agriculture. Exposure that some students might not have received elsewhere.