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Internet in the Outskirts: Farmers in New York now have Broadband

Beti Spangel of the "30 Acre Wood," discusses the importance of Internet access on her Upstate New York homestead.

Plan Your Garden with this Useful App

If you haven't started planning your garden yet, it's about time! This app can help build yourself the garden of your dreams.

Social Media–’Thunder Road’ Style

Dan Gogerty is back! This time he discusses what social media was like back in the day.

Some ‘unconventional’ ways to save on tech in 2013

If you want to save money on "gadgets," buy as few of them as reasonably possible.

Have you ever crowdsourced an idea?

I want to know how you're using social media!

Online deals for Farmers

Shopping online this holiday season? Check out these sites for some deals!

Social media and farming: How farmers are delivering their message pt. 2

When was the last time you had a good conversation with someone in customer service?

Cell Phone Apps for Farmers

Farmers, gardeners and those involved with agriculture can use smartphones too! There's a wide variety of apps that farmers can use. Here's a list of the 10 best smartphone apps for farmers.

Farms are always changing, transitioning to something new

From new owners to new farm business plans, there's always something new to write about.