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You go, farm girls!

"Although I can sew, I don't love it. At college, they wanted me to major in home economics, as being a more useful field for a woman. But I am taking all the outside courses that I can. Farming offers, in my opinion, a glorious career, the ideal existence."

We’re leaving a mark — literally — and figuratively

Eugene Patterson was right: "Don't just make a living, make a mark." Literal marks, or graffiti, or even initials in concrete will fade. But a legacy of caring, of laughter, of faith, of courage, or teaching endures.

I’m just a farm girl, but I had to relearn why

When I started at Farm and Dairy, I really wasn't planning on staying. After all, who wants to write about cows and pigs all their life? Not me, man. I was headed to the bright lights, the big city.