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A Cheat Sheet for Meat Treats

Still not sure about cuts of beef? has a great infographic that helps visualize where your porterhouse comes from!

Please don’t say the “d” word, for everyone’s sake

It is so scary for some U.S. residents that they can’t even say the word out loud. They whisper it. "Drought."

Butler Co. Beef Breeders — a great group

Earlier this fall, I mentioned to my editor that I wanted to attend the North American International Livestock Exposition if given the chance. The chance came. The Butler County (Pa.) Beef Breeders Club (a 4-H group) was taking a bus trip to the show and Al Vogel, one of the leaders invited the Farm and...

Carroll Co. Cattlemen Vaccination Clinic

Cattlemen from several counties gathered to learn methods to ensure beef quality.

Where did summer go?

Can you believe summer went so quick? What was one of your favorite things this season?

Whining about your farm, or the weather? It could be worse!

It was hard to see a video of farmers and ranchers in the drought-stricken South selling off their livestock.

Hawaiian Hibachi Steak Marinade

Marinade your next steak with Hawaiian flair. This recipe uses honey, pineapple juice, kiwi and lime juice to bring a tropical delight to your taste buds.

May is beef month

This giant 15-pound hamburger was prepared especially in celebration of May Beef Month with the help of the Pennsylvania Beef Council at Denny’s Beef Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pa. What a perfect combination! Beef Month and the official kickoff to summer. What you might not know is how beef is integrated into our lives on...

A memory lasts a lifetime

A walk in a pasture with some cattle triggers a childhood memory.

Mediterranean Grilled Strip Steak

What do coffee, sea salt and rosemary have in common? They make a great rub for steaks. Add onions and tomato grilled with olive oil for a Mediterranean twist on the traditional strip steak.

Around the Kitchen: Grilled Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular meals out there, and with so many variations to the dish there are endless ways to enjoy a good Italian meal. One of the more unique takes on pizza is the grilled pizza with steak and blue cheese. Try it out!