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Werewolf Furry Finger Cookies

If you're planning to entertain guests this Halloween, try this cookie recipe for a frightfully delicious treat. The flaked coconut adds texture and gives these werewolf finger cookies their signature "furry" look.

Taco Salad

Add some Mexican flavor to your next meal with this simple taco salad recipe. It combines all the staples of a traditional taco salad, including refried beans, beef, cheese and chili powder for a spicy kick.

Skillet Mac and Cheese

Love mac and cheese, but tired of the same old boxed versions? Try this recipe for a quick, homemade meal.

Chicken and Rice Casserole

The best things about casseroles are they taste great and keep well. If you make enough, one meal can serve as two, with leftovers that taste just as good as when they were first made. This recipe has the delicious taste of Monterey Jack cheese, chicken and rice baked right in.

Maple, Brown Sugar and Coffee Bacon

Enjoy the aromas and flavors of coffee, maple and brown sugar with your bacon. This recipe adds all three for the perfect breakfast combo.

Chocolate Chip Cake

We've all heard of chocolate chip cookies, but what about chocolate chip cake? Try this recipe for dessert, a special occasion or a new twist on the traditional birthday cake. Your taste buds will thank you.

Spiced Apple Cider

Warm yourself on chilly autumn nights with a hot drink. This apple cider recipe marries some of the best fall spices for a toasty treat.

El Macho Turkey Dog

This turkey dog adds in all the extras: cheddar, chili, salsa, relish, pickles, ketchup and mustard, plus jalapenos for an added punch. They don't call it "macho" for nothin'.

Where did summer go?

Can you believe summer went so quick? What was one of your favorite things this season?

Turkey and Apple Roll-Ups

Send the kids back to school with a healthy lunch. This recipe combines everything you need: fruit, vegetable, meat, grain and low-fat dairy.

Fresh fruit ice cream

Ice cream is a great way to cool off during the hot summer months, and what could be better than eating it homemade? For flavoring, this recipe uses vanilla and fresh fruit — you pick the variety.

Cucumber ranch dip

There are plenty of things to pair with dip: Potato chips, vegetables, wings. There are also plenty of dip recipes from which to choose. We like this one, which uses cucumbers and ranch seasoning for cool, crisp flavoring.