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Early winter upon us, but at least 2012 is almost over

I feel bad for the farmers, who not only had one of the worst droughts in 50 years but now the flooding and ponding of fields.

Is it over yet? Wishing record wet year farewell

When you consider just how wet it's been this year, we probably are fortunate the crops are as good as they are.

Coping with the one thing that is constant in life: stress

Stress — Everyone has it, but how do you deal with it?

Sometimes you just can’t get it out of your blood

There are some things you just can't get out of your system, journalism and farming may be two of them.

Wet ground is statewide issue, Ohio officials meeting today

One of the good things about the daily rain showers we've been getting for the past month and a half is the media's response.

Adding it up could spell disaster

Drought. Floods. Tornadoes. Rain. I have a feeling unless some drastic things happen in the weather patterns, farmers across the country better buckle up for a rough ride.

Another shadowless day, but my shadower and I still made it productive

As my job shadower and I traveled around Wayne County on Thursday, I felt kind of bad to even be writing about the wetness ... again.

All you can do is sigh as you drive…

These pictures say it all as to how wet the fields are at this point. (But I’m going to stay positive though and assume it will change.)

Another week of farmers’ patience needed

It seems like this year, the weather is just fighting against most farmers.

It could be worse…

We can complain about the weather here but it's almost guaranteed, someone has got it worse somewhere else.

Don’t say the W word to a farmer

Have you talked to a farmer in the Farm and Dairy reading area? Oh, how I pity you! I’m not going to lie, they are getting kind of crabby and it shows. They are just waiting for the day when it’s dry enough to get into those fields. Mention planting and they get a look...