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Ashtabula County Ag Day: 150 farm volunteers became teachers for a day

Ashtabula County volunteers step up to the plate to teach importance of county's agriculture.

Volunteers help warm the Zinz family’s home and hearts

With his right arm scheduled to be removed, roughly 30 people turned out to help Dan Zinz prepare firewood to heat his family's home.

The 50th Ohio Farm Science Review is this week!

The review runs Sept. 18-20 and you can buy tickets at the gate, if need be.

More conversations on shale may be necessary

Kristy Foster discusses drilling, fracking and the shale gas industry.

Ohio’s ag diversity is the real deal

A candy company, wheat fields, muck fields, a winery and much, much more. ... I've seen a lot of Ohio agriculture the past few days.

Ohio FFA ‘rocks’ in the 84th state convention

We'll have award names in next week's paper, but take a look at some of the concert-like action from day-one.

Take a drive; it makes you think

A drive through the shale-boom area of Pennsylvania makes you think about what could be next for Ohio.

How now vertical blue cow?

This sign is changing! Check out the post to find out what you can expect to see now as you travel along I-70 in Belmont County, Ohio.

Beef Expo made big-city Columbus feel like home

The Expo turned northern Columbus into a cattlemen's town.

Call it spring fever!!!

With the warm weather comes this twitch in one select group of people... It can only be recognizable in farmers.

Shale industry: It’s time to keep up, not wimp out

When I started covering the subject, it was just as the Marcellus Shale was taken hold in northeastern Pennsylvania and none of us knew it was on its way west.

Carroll County is passionate about agriculture

Agriculture is tied to everything in Carroll County and residents know it.