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Jersey cattle and love make a farm a home

This Jersey farm story is really a love story for the ages -- a love that endures years, tragedy.

A drive can be a story all of its own

Sometimes, a drive is more than a drive. It gets you thinking about what is really going on especially on farms.

Carroll Co. Cattlemen Vaccination Clinic

Cattlemen from several counties gathered to learn methods to ensure beef quality.

Where did summer go?

Can you believe summer went so quick? What was one of your favorite things this season?

Catfish, clean hands and keeping things straight

As a proud meat eater, I can handle knowing the meat I'm eating came from a once-living animal. But I like it clean, proper and with a little taste.

Some things to think about at the next junior fair livestock sale

During the next junior fair livestock sale you attend, think about these three groups of people: the 4-H'er, parents and the buyers.

Vogel Valley Farms: a family to take a lesson from

A model size view of a farm can teach life lessons to those not connected to agriculture.

The future of dairy is in good hands

It was well over 90 degrees when I visited the Grammer Jersey farm in Sebring on Tuesday. Or at least it felt like it. But instead of hearing a group of young adults and teenagers complaining, I had the joy of meeting the future of the dairy industry. The Jersey Youth Academy is a program...

Prepare yourself and your animals for a hot week

It may be common sense, but farmers also need to remember the dangers of high heat and the proper ways to be prepared.

Five lessons learned from my visits to farms

I was thinking about some of the things I've learned while visiting farms since joining the Farm and Dairy. Some lessons have warmed my heart, made me cry and others have just made me laugh.

County fair season is upon us!

Fair season is beginning, what keeps you entertained during the event? Let me know in the comments!

The chances farmers take

All farmers are taking chances to put meals on the table every day.