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County fair season is upon us!

Fair season is beginning, what keeps you entertained during the event? Let me know in the comments!

Farm knowledge is ‘relative’ to the context, what a person knows

"Why can't you plant corn when it's wet?" That was the question I got asked this weekend over lunch by a writer who contributes to Fortune Magazine and CNN Money.

Coming up with just the right story

It’s that time of the year when we start putting together two of our biggest issues of the year. We call it the progress edition here at the Farm and Dairy. And with the biggest issue of the year comes the chance to do some of our best stories of the year. With that, comes...

Awards are great … but no substitute for day-to-day work

Farmers do many things very well because they need done. They don't intend to receive recognition for each thing they do -- they just do the job at hand the best they can. That's how I like to approach writing. I try to write my best and it's great to win things. But the real...