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The Flood of 1913: Then and Now

It's been 100 years since the flood of 1913, the worst natural disaster in Ohio's history. Dayton, Ohio, was one of the hardest hit cities. Here's a bit of history and some historical photographs.

Anna Dean Farm Filled with More History than I Could Capture

If you want the whole story, take the tour on May 19. And read the books!

What is agriculture and where did it begin?

Farming has been around for roughly 12,000 years; people have been around for much longer. But what is agriculture?

The story behind the old Minnie

What stories are behind the tractors on your farm or in your family?

Please don’t say the “d” word, for everyone’s sake

It is so scary for some U.S. residents that they can’t even say the word out loud. They whisper it. "Drought."

Top posts for 2011

Some surprises were found in the top 10 posts in 2011.

Operation Haylift springs into action

Hay donated by a Lisbon, Ohio, family is making its way to drought-ravaged Texas.

Marcellus and Utica shale drilling continues to be hot topic

Where have you been that the subject of the gas boom has come up in conversation?

What to do on a Sunday afternoon? Attend a plow day!

I attended a plow day and antique tractor show held in Columbiana County at the Corll Farm. Of course, I took my camera, and I thought I would share some of the highlights.

Whining about your farm, or the weather? It could be worse!

It was hard to see a video of farmers and ranchers in the drought-stricken South selling off their livestock.

Five lessons learned from my visits to farms

I was thinking about some of the things I've learned while visiting farms since joining the Farm and Dairy. Some lessons have warmed my heart, made me cry and others have just made me laugh.

Farms of a different color

I recently visited a farm in Hancock County, West Virginia, for a story I’m working on and it got me thinking. Each farm is different and each has its own purpose.