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Farm and Dairy’s Gone Bloomin’ Crazy!

We want to see how your garden grows! Submit your pictures to our Bloomin' Crazy photo gallery, today!

Ways to Protect Your Garden from Frosts and Freezes

How can you protect your garden when a frost is expected? Here's a few tips that might help save your flowers and vegetables.

Plan Your Garden with this Useful App

If you haven't started planning your garden yet, it's about time! This app can help build yourself the garden of your dreams.

How to Build a Raised Bed Garden

Want to build a raised bed garden? Here's a couple of resources that will help...

The Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardens are gaining popularity. Here's a few benefits to growing your vegetables in a raised bed.

Composting Basics: Tip Tuesday

Interested in composting? Here's a few basics to get you started. Come back next week for more details!

The best gardens are the ones someone else grows, maintains

I spent Saturday doing some Farm and Dairy interviews in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park — in some very scenic places.

Vegetables in the flower beds? Hey, why not.

I’m already finding that it’s much different than conventional gardening. Back home, I used a one-bottom plow and a field disc to till my garden.