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Brinkman’s Canned Meats provides FFA chapters a fruit alternative

Fruit products are a common fundraiser for FFA chapters, but canned meat is a good option, as well.

Steve Azar and the Future Farmers of America

Steve Azar, one of country music's most popular artists in the last decade, is supporting the FFA, but he isn't simply donating money, he's writing songs.

Ohio FFA ‘rocks’ in the 84th state convention

We'll have award names in next week's paper, but take a look at some of the concert-like action from day-one.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: The county fair

I wish every child could experience the thrill of participating in a county fair.

FFA conventions highlight accomplishments, strength of program

The skills these students learn are practical, common sense-based and useful for day-to-day living.

4-H’ers truly DO pledge their ‘health to better living’

Researchers have found 4-H'ers are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs. We shouldn't be surprised. After all, it's one of the four H's: Head, Heart, Hands, Health.