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Operation Haylift springs into action

Hay donated by a Lisbon, Ohio, family is making its way to drought-ravaged Texas.

Five farm things to chew on this week

You want some food for thought this week? Think refrigerators.

Slow down on the roads, people!

Moving farm equipment from one field to another and back can be an unnerving experience.

A drive can be a story all of its own

Sometimes, a drive is more than a drive. It gets you thinking about what is really going on especially on farms.

A combine ride to remember

My favorite part of the Farm Science Review is, and always will be, the field demonstrations.

What to do on a Sunday afternoon? Attend a plow day!

I attended a plow day and antique tractor show held in Columbiana County at the Corll Farm. Of course, I took my camera, and I thought I would share some of the highlights.

Tractor Pulling Championships 2011

Some sights from the 2011 Tractor Pulling Championships.

Coping with the one thing that is constant in life: stress

Stress — Everyone has it, but how do you deal with it?

Whining about your farm, or the weather? It could be worse!

It was hard to see a video of farmers and ranchers in the drought-stricken South selling off their livestock.

Vogel Valley Farms: a family to take a lesson from

A model size view of a farm can teach life lessons to those not connected to agriculture.

The future of dairy is in good hands

It was well over 90 degrees when I visited the Grammer Jersey farm in Sebring on Tuesday. Or at least it felt like it. But instead of hearing a group of young adults and teenagers complaining, I had the joy of meeting the future of the dairy industry. The Jersey Youth Academy is a program...

Five lessons learned from my visits to farms

I was thinking about some of the things I've learned while visiting farms since joining the Farm and Dairy. Some lessons have warmed my heart, made me cry and others have just made me laugh.