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Not if, but when repairs are necessary

What are the most common parts you keep handy for repairs? Does your farm have its own mechanic?

Social media and farming: How farmers are delivering their message

Farmers are using social media to inform and educate customers.

Farms are always changing, transitioning to something new

From new owners to new farm business plans, there's always something new to write about.

Every dog has a role in their home

Meet Shiloh, my newest pal, a little Australian Shepherd -- the newest addition to our farm.

Please don’t say the “d” word, for everyone’s sake

It is so scary for some U.S. residents that they can’t even say the word out loud. They whisper it. "Drought."

When going to a free-range farm, don’t drive a shiny red car

Sitting in the driver side of my car, I shooed him lightly with my left hand and he eventually took off, over the edge of my passenger-side fender.

Being a dirt diva may good for your health

Who would have thought that a little dirt under the fingernails or jumping through a mud puddle would be good for a girl?

How now vertical blue cow?

This sign is changing! Check out the post to find out what you can expect to see now as you travel along I-70 in Belmont County, Ohio.

Brunton Dairy— Truly a family run operation

At Brunton Dairy in western Pennsylvania, cows are more than just a business. The farm is a way for the family to stay connected.

Call it spring fever!!!

With the warm weather comes this twitch in one select group of people... It can only be recognizable in farmers.

OFBF county presidents are proud to share the stories of back home

What a journey! Relentless, eager and happy to represent. These are just some of the terms I would use to describe the Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents who traveled this week to Washington, D.C. From the time the first gathering met until the time the bus was leaving for the airport to return home, this...

Carroll County is passionate about agriculture

Agriculture is tied to everything in Carroll County and residents know it.