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The land and people are what Jerry D. will miss…

Farmers knew he cared about the farm, the land and the animals.

Top posts for 2011

Some surprises were found in the top 10 posts in 2011.

Rabies is making a comeback

Dogs may be your first line of defense against a rabies outbreak on your farm.

What are they thinking?

Animal rights groups will do anything -- anything! -- to try and boost their cause. Even if that means willfully vandalizing and potentially causing a traffic accident.

Did some drilling protesters abuse their rights?

The behavior of some protesters at the YOUNG Conference left a bad impression on this reporter.

Marcellus and Utica shale drilling continues to be hot topic

Where have you been that the subject of the gas boom has come up in conversation?

Shoes and dairy farming? Yes, they can be combined!

Two Connecticut men are using what they have learned from running a shoe business to operate a dairy farm.

Links we love (what we’re clicking this week)

They may be random, they may be ag-related (or not), but here's where our browsers have been this week.

Butler Co. Beef Breeders — a great group

Earlier this fall, I mentioned to my editor that I wanted to attend the North American International Livestock Exposition if given the chance. The chance came. The Butler County (Pa.) Beef Breeders Club (a 4-H group) was taking a bus trip to the show and Al Vogel, one of the leaders invited the Farm and...

Something to ponder about our grain — then and now –

The soybean harvest has begun, but where will they end up when they leave your farm?

A drive can be a story all of its own

Sometimes, a drive is more than a drive. It gets you thinking about what is really going on especially on farms.

Happy birthday to us!

It's a new year for Farm and Dairy, our parent print publication. Each October, we start a new volume, and we've just turned over into our 98th volume.