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Some things to think about at the next junior fair livestock sale

During the next junior fair livestock sale you attend, think about these three groups of people: the 4-H'er, parents and the buyers.

Baker’s Golden Dairy– A true delight to visit

Baker's Golden Dairy: where family and hard work are coming together to make a successful Ohio business.

Let’s hope it isn’t the beginning of the end for maple syrup

It’s something that isn’t thought of when you ask someone on the street what Ohio produces in agriculture. Until I visited a farm where it was being produced, I wouldn’t have thought of it either.

Are you hall of fame material?

What elevates an individual to true hall of fame material? A commitment to agricultural leadership, AND a willingness to lead, to serve, in the community at large.

All you can do is sigh as you drive…

These pictures say it all as to how wet the fields are at this point. (But I’m going to stay positive though and assume it will change.)

Gov. Kasich tours Mac Trailer during stop in Salem

It’s not every day the governor comes to town. And it’s not very often that one appears in Salem, Ohio.

Marcellus Shale: Get it in writing!

No matter where I go, it seems like someone asks me about Marcellus Shale leases. Here are my top five tips for getting it right.

Grain bin entrapment: Not for the weak of heart

I have experienced a lot of things because of my chosen occupation. I do not regret any of them. (But I have given my mom some gray hair over some of my choices!) However, one that will stand out forever came April 2 — I was the victim in a mock grain bin entrapment.

They were right all along!

Hi! My name is Kristy Foster and I'm a reporter for the Farm and Dairy. Let me start out by saying I'm the granddaughter of a dairy farmer and the daughter of a grain farmer. I am very proud to tell people my roots are in agriculture.