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Brunton Dairy— Truly a family run operation

At Brunton Dairy in western Pennsylvania, cows are more than just a business. The farm is a way for the family to stay connected.

Savory Italian-Style Wisconsin Cheese Ball

Cheese is a party and snack time favorite, but it doesn't have to be boring. This recipe adds pine nuts and a blend of Italian cheeses for a savory treat.

Turkey Tetrazzini with Cheddar and Parmesan

If you're tired of eating all that leftover Thanksgiving turkey, jazz it up with this turkey tetrazzini recipe from the Midwest Dairy Association.

The future of dairy is in good hands

It was well over 90 degrees when I visited the Grammer Jersey farm in Sebring on Tuesday. Or at least it felt like it. But instead of hearing a group of young adults and teenagers complaining, I had the joy of meeting the future of the dairy industry. The Jersey Youth Academy is a program...

Just Say Cheese photo contest weekly winner: Bessie Zinz

Bessie Zinz shot this photo of her cousin Danny taking his cow to milk. The Farm and Dairy staff liked it so much we picked it to be the third weekly winner in our Just Say Cheese photo contest.

Just say Cheese!

June has sneaked up on us, and that means Dairy Month is here! It’s time to think about all of the great things the dairy industry gives us consumers.

“They said we wouldn’t make it two years.”

Those were the words uttered from Lisa Sippel in Mount Gilead this week. She was describing when she and her husband, Ben, bought their farm at the age of 23.