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You have got to love the middle school age students

Beaver Local Middle School invited reporter Kristy Foster Seachrist to come in and talk to them about journalism and agriculture.

Young farmers on the rise: from college to country

The American farmer is aging, but young college-educated people are eager to take the reins.

What is agriculture and where did it begin?

Farming has been around for roughly 12,000 years; people have been around for much longer. But what is agriculture?

More conversations on shale may be necessary

Kristy Foster discusses drilling, fracking and the shale gas industry.

The story behind the old Minnie

What stories are behind the tractors on your farm or in your family?

Ohio’s ag diversity is the real deal

A candy company, wheat fields, muck fields, a winery and much, much more. ... I've seen a lot of Ohio agriculture the past few days.

We all should be students of agriculture

Frank Ohl students visited Huffman Fruit Farm to learn about the growing process.

Business and animal rights are doing battle again — this time in New Mexico

A New Mexico slaughterhouse is trying to open its doors again — but controversy surrounds it.

Take a drive; it makes you think

A drive through the shale-boom area of Pennsylvania makes you think about what could be next for Ohio.

Being a dirt diva may good for your health

Who would have thought that a little dirt under the fingernails or jumping through a mud puddle would be good for a girl?

How now vertical blue cow?

This sign is changing! Check out the post to find out what you can expect to see now as you travel along I-70 in Belmont County, Ohio.

Brunton Dairy— Truly a family run operation

At Brunton Dairy in western Pennsylvania, cows are more than just a business. The farm is a way for the family to stay connected.