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Carroll County is passionate about agriculture

Agriculture is tied to everything in Carroll County and residents know it.

Butler Co. Beef Breeders — a great group

Earlier this fall, I mentioned to my editor that I wanted to attend the North American International Livestock Exposition if given the chance. The chance came. The Butler County (Pa.) Beef Breeders Club (a 4-H group) was taking a bus trip to the show and Al Vogel, one of the leaders invited the Farm and...

Some things to think about at the next junior fair livestock sale

During the next junior fair livestock sale you attend, think about these three groups of people: the 4-H'er, parents and the buyers.

Payday for 4-H’ers can mean many things

Some would say a 4-H project is meant to be a learning experience and not a money-maker. ... But there are others, like myself, who not only treated the project as a learning experience, but also as a source of revenue

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: The county fair

I wish every child could experience the thrill of participating in a county fair.

County fair season is upon us!

Fair season is beginning, what keeps you entertained during the event? Let me know in the comments!

Does 4-H desensitize kids? I think not.

I received an interesting e-mail with the subject: "Is 4-H desensitizing our youth? And of course, this triggered my desire to open that e-mail. Or should I say, my "What are you people talking about? response kicked in.

FFA conventions highlight accomplishments, strength of program

The skills these students learn are practical, common sense-based and useful for day-to-day living.

4-H’ers truly DO pledge their ‘health to better living’

Researchers have found 4-H'ers are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs. We shouldn't be surprised. After all, it's one of the four H's: Head, Heart, Hands, Health.

Fighting for 4-H

It's funny, the things kids say. And sometimes it is just those statements that make you think. I've been covering the issue of Carroll County losing/not losing its extension office for over a year now. As my niece enters her second year of 4-H, she said something that touched my heart one evening.