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Looking back: Fiscal cliff, drought and ‘farm it maybe’ were big in 2012

Some closing thoughts, before we go over the "cliff" and into 2013.

In Connecticut and other tragedies, media should cover the narrative that exists

There is a real-life narrative unfolding about what just happened -- a narrative that affects many lives and that needs told.

Early winter upon us, but at least 2012 is almost over

I feel bad for the farmers, who not only had one of the worst droughts in 50 years but now the flooding and ponding of fields.

Election season is about over, and I’m glad

I like to see the candidates speak their mind and tell us where they've stand. But at this point in the game, I've heard about enough.

Farm bill inaction could hurt U.S. House of Representatives

Despite a record drought and bipartisan action in the Senate and House Ag Committee, and cries from American farmers, House leaders still can't get the farm bill done.

The 50th Ohio Farm Science Review is this week!

The review runs Sept. 18-20 and you can buy tickets at the gate, if need be.

This spring is totally different, and I’m liking it

Less rain, more sun ... it's been a better start so far.