Lighter Side

Angry Goat Goes on Rampage

Goats are oftentimes the most entertaining animal on the farm. This goat, however, takes his wacky antics a little too far...

Eat More Bugs, They’re Good for You!

The United Nations came out in support of adopting insects as a low-fat, high-protein source of nutrition. Would you start an insect farm?

One Bee, Two Bee, Yellow Bee, Dead Bee

Colony Collapse Disorder is destroying bee colonies worldwide. Will has a few numbers to share and a personal story that will make you laugh!

Chicken Diapers? You Must be Joking…

Chickens are now becoming quite fashionable. Does a chicken diaper sound useful? It may be more useful than you'd think...

Farm and Dairy’s Gone Bloomin’ Crazy!

We want to see how your garden grows! Submit your pictures to our Bloomin' Crazy photo gallery, today!

Farming’s Latest Viral Hit: “Ranching Awesome”

Derek Klingenberg of Klingenberg Farms answers questions about his parody, "Ranching Awesome."

Forget sequestration: Who’s coming to D.C. to post bail for me?

If you visit the Capitol Visitor's Center, leave your M&Ms at home. A contraband bag almost sent Editor Susan Crowell to the Big House (and we don't mean the White House).

Mud abounds as February snow and ice melts

It's a guessing game, really. You can guess safely and not go out at all, or you can give it a try and deal with the consequences.

Harlem Shaking on the Farm

We found the best farming-related Harlem Shake videos from around the web. There's also a special surprise at the bottom of the list!

Farm and Dairy does the Harlem Shake

"The Harlem Shake" took the Internet by storm last week, so we made our own version!

Super Bowl: America’s Favorite Time to Eat Chicken Wings

There's nothing more American than eating chicken wings during the Super Bowl.

The Moo Man, documenting a small dairy farm

"The Moo Man" is all the buzz at the Sundance Film Festival.