Life in General

I love you truly: A Celebration of Love

We're creating a giant Farm and Dairy family photo album filled with love. Will you share some with us?

Some ‘unconventional’ ways to save on tech in 2013

If you want to save money on "gadgets," buy as few of them as reasonably possible.

A snow-covered weekend for Ohio’s muzzeloader hunters

I'm glad to be done hunting for the season, but it was another safe, productive year. Next up: Cottontail rabbit.

And I quote… Finding words of inspiration for 2013

I often turn to the words of others for inspiration, and starting the new year with great words of wisdom seems appropriate somehow.

Looking back: Fiscal cliff, drought and ‘farm it maybe’ were big in 2012

Some closing thoughts, before we go over the "cliff" and into 2013.

Promised Land: The movie has ties to western Pennsylvania

Some of the scenes from the new movie, "Promised Land," were filmed in western Pennsylvania.

Volunteers help warm the Zinz family’s home and hearts

With his right arm scheduled to be removed, roughly 30 people turned out to help Dan Zinz prepare firewood to heat his family's home.

In Connecticut and other tragedies, media should cover the narrative that exists

There is a real-life narrative unfolding about what just happened -- a narrative that affects many lives and that needs told.

Bed bugs…it’s war

Nothing is more annoying or downright vile than a creature who preys upon sleeping victims. At least give us the respect of sucking our blood while we're awake! I'm not a fan of mosquitos, but at least they're straightforward about dining on hemoglobin.

I tried them all, but settled on a ‘Mazda’

I'm one of those shoppers who is not loyal to a specific color or brand, and I'm going to go with what I feel will best serve my needs.

Faux Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

Help reporter Kristy Foster Seachrist figure out if she should decorate a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree by providing the feedback she is requesting.

Not if, but when repairs are necessary

What are the most common parts you keep handy for repairs? Does your farm have its own mechanic?