A little coaxing helped my urban garden do ‘mostly’ well

It was a tough, dry year for 'urban gardeners' as well, but with some irrigation and good fortune, things should turn out.

The best gardens are the ones someone else grows, maintains

I spent Saturday doing some Farm and Dairy interviews in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park — in some very scenic places.

Why do farmers get blamed for so much?

I have a hard time blaming farmers and food companies for what I eat when there are so many personal choices.

Certified Angus Beef shows reporters the ‘art’ of meat cutting, cooking

Certified Angus Beef invited media to the grand opening of their Education & Culinary Center.

Business and animal rights are doing battle again — this time in New Mexico

A New Mexico slaughterhouse is trying to open its doors again — but controversy surrounds it.

May the REAL Force be with you!

That little red swirl of a milk drop -- the REAL Seal -- guarantees that a product is made from U.S.-produced cow's milk.

The truth about modern agriculture is … absolute and definable

I think the freight train is already here -- it's already spreading fear, misinformation and lies at the sake of advancing agendas that too frequently bear no truth.

Readers send in their best soup recipes

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and as promised, we're sharing the results of our very own Souper Bowl — just in time for the big game.

‘Story sells’ when it comes to produce and other food

Tell your story to engage customers, make more sales.

Some thoughts on “compassionate eating” in the new year

When I eat a meal, I give thanks to God for providing the things farmers cannot, and I'm thankful for the farmers and growers who use what is provided, to grow and prepare my food.

Winter weather means time for conferences, education

When the weather turns lousy (and when you're done harvesting) mark off some time for education.

Ohio deer hunting 2011: Bad weather, good times

It was a rainy, gloomy start to Ohio's deer season. Two of my hunting partners lost their jobs the same week, but we still made our time count.