Are grain and ethanol farmers crying over spilled corn?

Reducing the Renewable Fuel Standard will hurt some farmers, but for others it's long overdue.

Cooking the ‘flavors of fall’ at Certified Angus Beef

Chef Ollier shares some beef creations for the fall.

Bad economy doesn’t excuse bad behaviors

More and more, the real victims are the people who work and pay their way through life, because someone else is always looking to take from them.

Food Dialogues 2013: A reporter’s view

The Food Dialogues 2013 was hosted by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers at the 2013 BIO International Convention in Chicago April 22. Kristy Foster shares some insight.

A Cheat Sheet for Meat Treats

Still not sure about cuts of beef? has a great infographic that helps visualize where your porterhouse comes from!

10 Interesting Facts about Coffee

Did you know Americans consumed more tea than coffee before the Revolutionary War? Here's a few other interesting coffee facts I bet you didn't know.

Plenty of farm jobs, few willing to do them

There's always jobs on the farm, but not always someone to do them.

Super Bowl: America’s Favorite Time to Eat Chicken Wings

There's nothing more American than eating chicken wings during the Super Bowl.

The 30 Mile Meal program is coming to Youngstown

A new project is beginning in the Youngstown area to connect producers with restaurants, consumers and any other outlets that would benefit from purchasing locally grown vegetables or meat.

Cooking a turkey with kosher salt

Will Flannigan roasted his turkey with kosher salt and spices. Here's how he did it!

Organic vs. Conventional

Are organic foods worth the extra money?

Things you discover at the farmers market

Farmers markets are not only a great place to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies and baked goods, they're great places to chat with the people growing and making those wonderful products.