Farm Life

No story, but a good time networking at Young Ag Professionals

Reporter Chris Kick spent the weekend with Farm Bureau "YAPs" near Columbus.

Scenes from the Beef Expo

Chris Kick visited the Beef Expo in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend.

Plenty of farm jobs, few willing to do them

There's always jobs on the farm, but not always someone to do them.

Social Media–’Thunder Road’ Style

Dan Gogerty is back! This time he discusses what social media was like back in the day.

Mud abounds as February snow and ice melts

It's a guessing game, really. You can guess safely and not go out at all, or you can give it a try and deal with the consequences.

You have got to love the middle school age students

Beaver Local Middle School invited reporter Kristy Foster Seachrist to come in and talk to them about journalism and agriculture.

A Cold Taste of the Hard Work That Came with the Good Old Days

Dan Gogerty discusses what winter used to be like on the farm.

Monsanto at the Supreme Court

Monsanto, the world's largest seed company, will appear in front of the Supreme Court, defending itself against Vernon Hugh Bowman, a 75-year-old farmer from Indiana.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in an ag way!

Does anyone remember creating Valentine's Day boxes for school? I know I remember those days.The memories came rushing back to me when I heard my nieces say they needed the "box."

Our national debt is a personal issue

Things have been difficult the past few years. I'm not denying that. But no economic condition can explain the kind of fiscal foolishness that has become so popular.

Guard llamas? You Learn Something New Every Day

Ever heard of guard llamas? Guard llamas are actually a good alternative to guard dogs. Here's some information.

Coyotes– you just never know when you will find one

Last Saturday morning, I was coming out of my barn and found something I wasn't expecting.