Farm Life

GMO Labeling State by State

What is your state's status on GMOs? Will gives his opinion on the subject and offers up a GMO labeling legislation map.

Corn seed and lessons on substance abuse

With big topics, sometimes simple lessons teach the most.

Brinkman’s Canned Meats provides FFA chapters a fruit alternative

Fruit products are a common fundraiser for FFA chapters, but canned meat is a good option, as well.

Crop progress looking good the next few days

Today's plantings report, released at 4 p.m., should show a significant gain over last week.

Washington needs leaders who understand farming

They don't all have to be farmers, but they ought to understand and appreciate what goes on.

Food Dialogues 2013: A reporter’s view

The Food Dialogues 2013 was hosted by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers at the 2013 BIO International Convention in Chicago April 22. Kristy Foster shares some insight.

Is the cold spring cooling your plans?

Unlike last spring, we're 10-15 degrees cooler than normal this year. Are you concerned?

Anna Dean Farm Filled with More History than I Could Capture

If you want the whole story, take the tour on May 19. And read the books!

Farm Kings Returns April 11 to GAC, We Talked with Tim King

A new season of the "Farm Kings" is ready to air, and we have the scoop!

From Chickens to Chic

Would you pay $1.8 million for a farmhouse? This place may change your mind...

Internet in the Outskirts: Farmers in New York now have Broadband

Beti Spangel of the "30 Acre Wood," discusses the importance of Internet access on her Upstate New York homestead.

My newest hunting dog is good on paper, good in the field

I searched for a dog for months, including neighboring states — even Michigan. But the one I decided on is a true Buckeye.