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Like farming, ag reporting is a diverse science

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Tuscarawas County Fair antique tractor pull 2013

Antique pull included many makes and a diverse age of pullers.

Due East … for Ag Progress Days

I made a five-hour trip East for the Penn State Ag Progress Days, and it was a time well spent.

Ohio’s water nutrient issue is true balancing act

Managing ag nutrient runoff requires a balanced effort.

A week of sheep events and stories

My calendar was filled with sheep events last week. Check out some of the links to the stories.

The Utica shale is Changing our Manchester landscape

Take a drive in any direction in the region and it is likely you will see some facet of oil and gas drilling.

No story, but a good time networking at Young Ag Professionals

Reporter Chris Kick spent the weekend with Farm Bureau "YAPs" near Columbus.

Check the shale gas documents recorded for your property

A reader found out that his property documents related to his oil and gas aren't recorded as they should be. They are missing his wife's name! Are yours recorded properly?

Our national debt is a personal issue

Things have been difficult the past few years. I'm not denying that. But no economic condition can explain the kind of fiscal foolishness that has become so popular.

I love you truly: A Celebration of Love

We're creating a giant Farm and Dairy family photo album filled with love. Will you share some with us?

Agland Co-op’s River Facility: Making sure China and Japan are fed

Kristy Foster saw how grains are transported down river!

Volunteers help warm the Zinz family’s home and hearts

With his right arm scheduled to be removed, roughly 30 people turned out to help Dan Zinz prepare firewood to heat his family's home.