Ashtabula County Ag Day: 150 farm volunteers became teachers for a day

Ashtabula County volunteers step up to the plate to teach importance of county's agriculture.

Farm Kings Returns April 11 to GAC, We Talked with Tim King

A new season of the "Farm Kings" is ready to air, and we have the scoop!

National Ag Day: 10 Reasons to Thank a Farmer Infographic

In celebration of National Agriculture Day, we've created a "10 Reasons to Thank a Farmer" infographic. Enjoy!

Five tips for handling farmer-bashing on social media

'I can't believe that Facebook post!' (but I don't know how to respond). Five tips for farmers on responding to negative social media buzz.

The 30 Mile Meal program is coming to Youngstown

A new project is beginning in the Youngstown area to connect producers with restaurants, consumers and any other outlets that would benefit from purchasing locally grown vegetables or meat.

Developing a university farm in Mozambique

Ag educator Ron Overmyer volunteered for a Farmer-to-Farmer Program to assist with agricultural development in Mozambique.

Farm bill inaction could hurt U.S. House of Representatives

Despite a record drought and bipartisan action in the Senate and House Ag Committee, and cries from American farmers, House leaders still can't get the farm bill done.

Social media and farming: How farmers are delivering their message pt. 2

When was the last time you had a good conversation with someone in customer service?

Social media and farming: How farmers are delivering their message

Farmers are using social media to inform and educate customers.

Why do farmers get blamed for so much?

I have a hard time blaming farmers and food companies for what I eat when there are so many personal choices.

Business and animal rights are doing battle again — this time in New Mexico

A New Mexico slaughterhouse is trying to open its doors again — but controversy surrounds it.

Brunton Dairy— Truly a family run operation

At Brunton Dairy in western Pennsylvania, cows are more than just a business. The farm is a way for the family to stay connected.