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Ashtabula County Ag Day: 150 farm volunteers became teachers for a day

Ashtabula County volunteers step up to the plate to teach importance of county's agriculture.

Forget sequestration: Who’s coming to D.C. to post bail for me?

If you visit the Capitol Visitor's Center, leave your M&Ms at home. A contraband bag almost sent Editor Susan Crowell to the Big House (and we don't mean the White House).

I love you truly: A Celebration of Love

We're creating a giant Farm and Dairy family photo album filled with love. Will you share some with us?

And I quote… Finding words of inspiration for 2013

I often turn to the words of others for inspiration, and starting the new year with great words of wisdom seems appropriate somehow.

What would you give up for free food?

Few of us understand the freedoms we have here in the United States. Until they're taken away.

My blaze of glory in the dairy show ring

A fun showmanship contest? At the Canfield Fair? Sure, I'm in. Except I've never shown a cow in my life...

May the REAL Force be with you!

That little red swirl of a milk drop -- the REAL Seal -- guarantees that a product is made from U.S.-produced cow's milk.

Turn back the clock! We missed National Grammar Day

Your teacher was right: Grammar and punctuation do matter. Just ask the panda.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Ag promotion at the Pa. Farm Show

The grin says it all: It was fun to learn about agriculture at the Pennsylvania Farm Show!

Confessions of a Pennsylvania Farm Show greenhorn

(I’m headed to the Pennsylvania Farm Show today, the first time since Dick Thornburgh was governor of the Commonwealth. And if you’re not from Pennsylvania, you’ll just have to Google it to see how long ago that was. I’m scared, because the last time, I went… well, you’ll just have to keep reading to find...

Sometimes farm life is just manure madness

Every day on the farm is an adventure, one most of the world never sees, never appreciates. Especially if that adventure deals with poop.

“Irving Berlin didn’t write ‘White Holiday’”

Maybe his name has something to do with his beliefs. After all, with a last name like "Winter", his passion for spreading the "real" Christmas message runs deep.