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The 30 Mile Meal program is coming to Youngstown

A new project is beginning in the Youngstown area to connect producers with restaurants, consumers and any other outlets that would benefit from purchasing locally grown vegetables or meat.

Faux Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

Help reporter Kristy Foster Seachrist figure out if she should decorate a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree by providing the feedback she is requesting.

Tell us what you want to learn about related to the shale activity

What do you want to know about the shale gas industry and its effect on Ohio and Pennsylvania?

A wedding on the farm

Some readers may have missed the name change or the news that I got married. I can’t believe it will be four weeks tomorrow. Anyway, here is the news if you missed it. I married Kurt Seachrist, Sept. 29, on my family’s farm. Well, not only did we get married there, but we also held...

Opportunites are great in agriculture

The BBC program, "World Have Your Say" visits a turkey farm in Medina county. Ohio farmers and journalists sit down to talk about the state of agriculture.

I’ll do almost anything once…

Kristy Foster had the opportunity to ride a hot air balloon over this year's Farm Science Review.

Farm Kings: No need to add drama

The Farm Kings add a dose of farm reality to reality TV. Get ready to watch these new western Pa. stars!

National tv news crew in Carroll and Columbiana Counties?

Has '60 Minutes' been in the area interviewing residents about the shale boom? We want to know.

More conversations on shale may be necessary

Kristy Foster discusses drilling, fracking and the shale gas industry.

The story behind the old Minnie

What stories are behind the tractors on your farm or in your family?

Farm Kings: a reality series in the making!

Kristy Foster spent a day on the set of a new reality show, "Farm Kings."

Every dog has a role in their home

Meet Shiloh, my newest pal, a little Australian Shepherd -- the newest addition to our farm.