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Niagara Falls: a treat for the eyes

Reporter Kristy Foster Seachrist shares some images from her recent trip to Niagara Falls, N.Y. as part of a trip to the 2013 Ag Media Summit

The Utica shale is Changing our Manchester landscape

Take a drive in any direction in the region and it is likely you will see some facet of oil and gas drilling.

Food Dialogues 2013: A reporter’s view

The Food Dialogues 2013 was hosted by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers at the 2013 BIO International Convention in Chicago April 22. Kristy Foster shares some insight.

Farm Kings Returns April 11 to GAC, We Talked with Tim King

A new season of the "Farm Kings" is ready to air, and we have the scoop!

Book Review: Sunset in Kentucky

If you enjoy reading about the 1800s time period, you may want to read, "Sunset in Kentucky."

Check the shale gas documents recorded for your property

A reader found out that his property documents related to his oil and gas aren't recorded as they should be. They are missing his wife's name! Are yours recorded properly?

You have got to love the middle school age students

Beaver Local Middle School invited reporter Kristy Foster Seachrist to come in and talk to them about journalism and agriculture.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in an ag way!

Does anyone remember creating Valentine's Day boxes for school? I know I remember those days.The memories came rushing back to me when I heard my nieces say they needed the "box."

Coyotes– you just never know when you will find one

Last Saturday morning, I was coming out of my barn and found something I wasn't expecting.

The severance tax– It’s coming to Ohio

Let's talk about Ohio and the possibility of an oil and gas severance tax.

Agland Co-op’s River Facility: Making sure China and Japan are fed

Kristy Foster saw how grains are transported down river!

Promised Land: The movie has ties to western Pennsylvania

Some of the scenes from the new movie, "Promised Land," were filmed in western Pennsylvania.