By Katie Fisher,
OSU ag communications student

COLUMBUS — In the Ohio FFA Trade Show at the 84th Ohio State FFA Convention, there were many booths and venders stationed in the building, giving out free samples of products and handouts to members, advisers and guests.

A long line began from one particular booth to the entrance of the trade show, giving free samples of BBQ pork, roast beef, ham and beans as well as shredded chicken.

“It is good to see the kids enjoy what they are getting. If they really like it they will want to sell it,” said Gene Brinkman, of Brinkman’s Canned Meats.

Brinkman said three schools (Arlington, Riverdale, Winford) had doubled their sales from previous years and want to continue selling the canned meat.

Another option

The product is unique and can be beneficial to raise money for FFA chapters statewide. Canned meat has a shelf life of two-three years, whereas fruit only has a week to a week-and-a-half.

The canned meat is hand selected choice cuts of natural meat that is minimally processed with no refrigeration required. Brinkman’s also offer having a “no salt” option.

This Ohio made agricultural product has earned FFA chapters more than $2,000 in profits. Chapters have the option to sell cans individually or in sets of three.

“I really enjoyed FFA myself and want to give back,” Brinkman said.

Brinkman’s Canned Meats are located in Findley, Ohio.

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