There’s a few things in this world that I find absolutely absurd: paying a “convenience fee” for printing an event ticket from my printer, the rising cost of high-speed internet and clothes for animals. Dogs have fur, they don’t need a sweater, scarf or boots.

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I thought we had reached the apex of absurdity with guinea pig fashion, but I was wrong. Apparently, chickens like wearing clothes, too. A recent story from NPR broke the news, chicken diapers.

According to NPR, is a business that sells things to dress up your chicken. The website sells a variety of chicken needs including chicken diapers and chicken saddles.

Saddles for chickens? Yes. The site’s owner, Julie Baker, said chicken saddles are used because a rooster isn’t ‘particularly kind to a hen when they mate.’ The saddle protects the chicken’s back during the mating process.

Who is buying chicken diapers?

Many urban farmers are buying chicken diapers. Surprisingly, some chickens are used for pets rather than egg production. I would’ve never thought a chicken could be a companion animal, some breeds however are better at looking nice than laying eggs.

I suppose a chicken diaper would be useful if the chickens “flew the coop” and decided to walk around a living room or kitchen.

Not quite as bad as guinea pig fashion

I admit, one of the biggest issues I have with guinea pig fashion or convenience fees or rising internet costs is I can see no¬†practical reason to put a dress on a rodent, a fee on printing a ticket or a price increase on the same internet I’ve been using for years.

At least the chicken diapers have a practical purpose, even if they are a little funny.

Do any of you use these chicken diapers? Do you keep chickens as pets? Let me know in the comments below.

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