I finished mowing my lawn Saturday evening — the first time I mowed this year — just in time for some light snow to begin falling.

The two things seem kind of contradictory. In fact, they are!

Spring officially began March 20, but if the calendar didn’t say so, you probably wouldn’t know. It’s been a cold spring season so far — with many days 10-15 degrees below normal. The Weather Channel says April highs average out at 61 degrees, but we’ve had very few days like that, and we’re nearly to May.

As the old adage goes, there’s nothing you can do about the weather. But given how cold it’s been, there’s a lot people are doing differently.

Unlike last spring, when we had a record-warm March, farmers this year are wondering when they’ll get their first real break. Most fields are still untilled and the percent of planted acreage is still in the single digits. Gardeners and produce farmers are in similar shape, with many still waiting to plow.

The stores and farm markets in my home town have an abundance of spring plants and shrubs on their shelves, but they’ve had to cover them the past few days and nights for fear of frost damage.

Feels like winter

In February or March, a daytime high in the upper 40s would feel pretty good. But this time of year, it feels too much little like winter. Maybe I’m complaining just a little, but when the sun is shining and we’re nearly to May, I expect a little more. My body and mind do, at least.

And some of my flowers apparently feel the same. They’ve been in the budding stage for about three weeks, and they’re dying — quite literally — for the chance to open and flower. A few of my tulips are now growing awkwardly sideways, as if they just don’t know what to do. Hopefully, this week’s forecast — which showed all days above 50 — will bring them some inspiration.

What do you think?

On the plus side, I haven’t seen many weeds growing yet — whether it’s in fields or in lawns. Not much of anything is growing just yet, but I hate when the weeds get a head start.

What’s your take on this cooler-than-normal spring? Is it changing how you do things, or is it still too early to matter?

Chris Kick lives in Wooster, Ohio. An American FFA Degree recipient, he holds a bachelor’s in creative writing from Ashland University. He spends his free time on his grandparents’ farms in Wayne and Holmes counties.
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