The weather is pretty unpredictable in April and May. Oftentimes gardeners are surprised by a mid-April frost which can be devastating to those newly planted flowers and vegetables. So, how do you protect your plants during frosts? Ground Breaking Tips has a few ideas that are useful.

Plant near buildings or walls

According to Ground Breaking Tips, planting near buildings can dramatically reduce damage done by frosts. Why? Because buildings, walls and even trees can retain warmth. The warmth isn’t enough to melt frost, rather, it’s enough to prevent it from developing in the first place.

Water the plants

Though it sounds crazy, watering plants ahead of the frost or freeze can also help. Water actually helps insulate plants. But water the roots, not the leaves.

Covering plants with cloth

Covering plants with cloth serves two purposes: one, the cloth prevents frost from settling on the leaves and two, the cloth traps heat released from the soil. Soil cools slower than the air, so for prolonged frosts a good source of heat is actually the stuff the plants are growing in.

Ground Breaking Tips also suggests placing milk jugs containing warm water under the cloth, as well. These warm jugs further condition the air under the cloth.

» Via: Ground Breaking Tips10 Ways to Protect Your Garden Against April’s Cold Snaps

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