(If you are confused about the identity of the King brothers, here is a recap: From left to right: Joe, Tim, Pete and Dan.)


There’s a lot going on in the King Family. There is a new engagement for one member.

This round of shows features the entire family taking a break and a much needed vacation and of course they have spring planting to get started… At least that’s just some of what Freedom Farms is up to in its next season of Farm Kings.

The King family is known not only for the vegetables they grow but for their show, Farm Kings on GAC-TV.

Farm and Dairy had the opportunity to interview Tim King, one of the King brothers from Freedom Farms in Butler, Pa. He was working in the greenhouse with one of his ducklings when the Farm and Dairy caught up with him over the phone.

Q. How has your life changed since Farm Kings began airing last fall?
A. “Honestly, it hasn’t changed my life much. Or any of our lives. We spend time on the farm or with our family. We’re farmers and just like most farmers, we are humble and are just trying to live day to day.”

Q. Do you feel pressure to give all farmers a positive spotlight?
A. “We look to support the local farmer, but we don’t feel pressure. For awhile, people got away from local foods. But now they are coming back to it and we just want to put a spotlight on it so we help other farmers.
Families have gone towards convenience partly due to the amount of families with both parents working. Hopefully, the need for quick convenience food fades and families get back to cooking with fresh vegetables. It’s important for people to get back to cooking meals.

“It does makes us feel accountable for the food we produce. We know the food and we eat it, too. I do think we strive to send a positive message for small farmers.”

Q. How has the show affected your relationship with your brothers/sister?
A. “It really hasn’t changed it. Our family bond is like no other. It’s a bond brothers don’t usually get to have and for that, we know we are lucky.”

Q. What has changed in your personal life?
A. “I recently got engaged.”

Q. Does the show, Farm Kings, force you to be honest?
A. “Farmers are honest people and honest by trade. So no, we are who we say we are.

“We do work hard with the set crew to ensure we are taping what really happens on our farm. We set up a schedule according to the chores we do annually so that are our scenes are based on that.

“However, I don’t think the public realizes how hard the work really is on the farm and our scenes just don’t convey the hard work that comes along with a farm.”

Some fun questions I asked Tim:

• Red, green, blue, orange or silver tractor color?
A. John Deere

• Biggest star while taping?
A. Mom and Dan

• Revolver or shot gun?
A. Shotgun

• Steak or hamburger?
A. Hamburger

• Boxers or briefs?
A. Whatever my fiance buys me!

• Birthday?
A. Aug. 31, 1985

• Coffee, cream and sugar or black?
A. Black

• What do you eat in the morning before a long day on the farm?
A. “Whatever is available. Usually, free range eggs from our chickens and toast that is left over from the family bakery.”


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