I like old things that find new life. For instance, I bought an old desk lamp a few weeks ago. It worked OK, but it was tired and worn, so I decided to fix it up. I’m in the process of re-wiring it, painting it and giving it a new shine.

Well, the editors of AOL Real Estate like old things too– old buildings, anyway. The editors are very big fans of building conversions, meaning taking a building with one purpose and converting it into something else.


The latest conversion is a farm-turned-home. The farm a, seven-acre, formerly working farm in Barrington, Ill., was turned into a four-bedroom, three-bathroom luxury home, according to AOL.

The price tag? $1.8 million.

I won’t be buying this farm anytime soon, but it doesn’t hurt to window shop. Land prices are up, but this is ridiculous!

Make sure to watch the video for the grand tour.

» Via: AOL Real EstateOnce a Working Farm, Now a Luxury Home With a $1.8M Price Tag

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