I love reading about the 1800′s. It’s my weakness. I used to love to read the “Little House on the Prairie series”!

So when a publicist offered the book, “Sunset in Kentucky” and detailed the time period it was set in, I had to give it a try.

The book is set in the 1800′s in Kentucky. It’s historical fiction but I have say the characters in the book are very descriptive and if I have to imagine what life was like back then then these characters would fit into the time period.

“Sunset in Kentucky” is set in 1835. The book revolves around a young couple trying to make their way in the world.

The characters, Brady and Anna Marie Patterson are becoming new parents to a baby boy but that is not the end of the adventures their life will include.

It’s not long before they are preparing for their second baby when Brady is recruited to travel up the Kentucky River into Indiana to search for more farmland.

However, the adventure is never easy in any book. And what was meant to be a few weeks at the most turns into over six weeks and the danger that lurks on the trail is not anything they could have foreseen.

Carol Walls Howell, the author brings the characters and their emotions to life. She details how the search party fights off wild dogs and even an Indian attack. While Anna Marie faces loneliness and the task of taking care of her baby alone while pregnant with the second.

Howell does a good job of setting up the story line and letting the characters come to life.
I just wish that the ending had a little more detail or ended with something learned. It also could have been a little longer. Basically the book ends in one chapter. The last four chapters lead up to the ending and then in one chapter it’s over.

Overall, I think “Sunset in Kentucky” is a good book that makes the reader reflect on the pioneering history of the United States and makes you really think about hard life would have been in that time period without a telephone to pick up or a computer to log on to in order to talk to your spouse.

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