The latest viral video to come out of agriculture is Klingenberg Farms’ parody of the hit song “Thrift Shop.”

“Thrift Shop” quickly gained popularity after it was independently released in October by Seattle-based rapper Macklemore. You can watch the original video here. Please note: The video contains strong language.

Klingenberg Farms is a family-owned farm in Kansas. The family farms wheat, beans, corn and (according to Derek) kids. The family also has cattle operation.

I caught up with David and asked him a few questions about his video:

What inspired you to make a parody of “Thrift Shop”?
It was catchy and it was a popular song.

Does anybody on the farm have video production experience?
No.  I’ve self taught myself the past four years

How long did the video take to make, including filming and editing?
Not sure, maybe two months?  I had lots of stock footage from previous two years.

Why make the videos? What do you think they are accomplishing?
It’s a creative outlet for me.  I like to entertain people.  I also think it’s a great opportunity to educate city folk on what is going on out here.

I’ve noticed your videos have a sense of humor, how do you bring that humor to your farm?
Things can get pretty stressful sometimes so it’s good to just stop and laugh at your mistakes.


Do you have any advice for other farmers or ranchers who are interested in social media or making videos for their farm?
Start.  Keep sending out the positive message.


Watch Derek’s video and visit his YouTube page to see more.


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