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Last week I told you about the benefits of raised bed gardening. This week, I’ll show you some resources to help you build your very own raised bed or square-foot garden.

It’s really simple. Building a garden box takes just a couple pieces of wood, some screws and about an hour to put everything together.

Building a raised bed garden

There’s several resources across the web that can teach you how to build a raised bed garden. The two best how-to’s I’ve found are from the National Gardening Association and Eartheasy.com.

In-ground (temporary) raised beds

The National Gardening Association has a good how-to video that explains some benefits of raised beds, but it also gives the step-by-step process of building an in-ground raised bed.

Here’s the video:

Charlie explains the methodology behind making raised beds a particular size. He also mentions laying mulch around the edge of a raised bed. Laying mulch prevents weeds from growing and it keeps the in-ground raised bed nice and moist.

 Permanent (elevated) raised beds

Earth Easy’s guide on building elevated raised beds is easy to read. It also has informative visuals.

Earth Easy recommends using cedar for the sides of the bed. Why? Because cedar is naturally rot resistant, it’s light weight and it contains chemicals that have anti-fungal and anti-insect properties.

Do not use treated wood, it contains chemicals that can migrate into your vegetables. 

What you’ll need:

  • Cedar “2 x” boards for the sides.
  • Deck screws
  • Cross supports
  • Tool (hand saw, square, level, mallet, screw driver, hacksaw, drill)

Other tips:

  • Level the soil
  • If you have burrowing pests, a layer of chicken wire can be laid accross the bottom of the bed, before soil is added.
  • Avoid stepping on the bed
  • Mulch pathways between beds

For the complete instructions, visit Eartheasy.com.

» Via: The National Gardening Association › Making a Raised Bed Garden

» Via: Earth Easy Raised Garden Beds

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