We’ve been searching for a truly great gardening app for a while now, with no avail.

But, we recently stumbled upon one website that provides everything garden enthusiasts need to know about gardening including a nifty planting calendar that every gardener can appreciate.

Simple, simple, simple

Using the garden planting calendar is super easy. Just type in your zip code and let the website do the rest. After typing in our zip code, the website spits out a custom report for your planting zone including the beginning of your frost-free growing season, your early planting dates and a giant list of common plants with suggested planting dates.

All Things Plants does provide a word of advice:

“How accurate is all this? For nearly all locations, we are confident in the dates. There are, however, some difficult areas of the world that don’t match up perfectly with the dates we have given. For that reason, we recommend you use this guide as a very good starting place, but don’t interpret the dates as absolutely perfect for every location.”

You can also submit a correction if you disagree with a particular date provided.

 Other great features

All Things Plants also provides a pretty comprehensive plant database. The date base is searchable by characteristic, genus and common name. Each plant has its own page (many with photos) that includes information like bud count, foliage type and sun requirements.

» Via: All Things Plants › The Garden Planting Calendar

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