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I can’t stand those blood-sucking parasites. No, I’m not describing 30-year-olds who live with their parents, I’m talking about bed bugs.

Nothing is more annoying or downright vile than a creature who preys upon sleeping victims. At least give us the respect of sucking our blood while we’re awake! I’m not a fan of mosquitos, but at least they’re straightforward about dining on hemoglobin.

I’m not sure how I brought them home, really. It could’ve been my time in Columbus for this year’s KIP Camp or it may have been that Thanksgiving weekend getaway to Hocking Hills, it doesn’t matter. What matter is those little 6-legged vampires have decided to invade my strictly vampire-free abode.

You got to make sure you contact a Bed Bug Removal company as soon as you detect the issue. These tiny little bugs reproduce really fast. Early signs of an infestation include bites and small rust or brown colored stains on sheets or mattresses.

Here’s what happened:

During our Thanksgiving weekend trip to Hocking Hills, my fiance and I began discovering little, mosquito-like, bites on our bodies. They itched, boy did they itch. Silly us, we didn’t even consider the bites were from bed bugs. We just assumed it was mosquitos or spiders.

Coming home didn’t solve the problem. Our bites continued, that was our first clue that maybe something was wrong. Then, one night we found one in our bed. This was

the exTerminator

war. We didn’t sleep well the rest of that night.

Hasta la vista, baby.

War is hell and trying to eradicate bed bugs is war. There’s no one way to deal with a bed bug problem, especially on a budget. We had to call a professional.

He first inspected our bedroom, bed, living room, couch and under our carpet, etc. He was looking for blood stains (former bed bugs), black spots (bed bug poo), bed bug eggs, live bed bugs and the skin they leave behind when they molt. Right away he found a small bedbug under our bed sheets, but where there’s one, there’s many more.

Side note: Female bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs a year.

Get rid of your bed bugs with our licensed exterminator Bed Bug Exterminator Wichita. Our exterminator is using a combination of spray pesticide and a dust similar to diatomaceous earth. The spray pesticide kills the bugs and eggs on contact while the dust kills them slowly, allowing the bugs to take the dust back to their nest with them and hopefully transfer some of it to the other bugs. He treats a property 3 times over a 6-week period. If bed bugs are keeping you awake at night, it’s time to show them who’s boss. Pest control olathe ks has reliable bed bug treatments, are proven to eliminate these pesky hitchhikers, letting you get the good night’s sleep you deserve. Stop waiting for relief, call Miller Pest & Termite at 816-203-1178!

Here’s a few facts:

♦ Bed bugs are lazy. They often only travel 10-15 feet to feed. Though they are capable of traveling up to 100 feet.

♦ Bugs are very flat. They may hide anywhere a credit card can fit, this includes: under beds, in box springs, under loose wallpaper, amongst clothing, inside clocks, picture frames and outlets.

♦ They are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. That’s how they find their next meal.

♦ Bed bug bites often look like mosquito bites, but can appear in a linear pattern (breakfast, lunch and dinner). This pattern occurs when a bug is disturbed while it’s feeding.

♦ Bed bugs have not been found to transfer any diseases.

♦ Bed bugs feed once every 5-10 days. During their down time they digest their meal, mate and lay eggs.

♦ Bed bugs can live many months without feeding.

♦ Insect foggers don’t effectively control bed bugs. If it sounds like a miracle product, be wary.

He isn’t the only one doing work, though. He suggested we wash and dry all of our clothes on hot. He also recommended buying a special bed bug mattress cover for our mattress and our box springs. These covers have zippers tight enough to keep bed bugs in (or out) and material thick enough that bugs can’t bite through it. We also bought covers for our pillows for the same reason. You may need to visit for mattresses this website that gives you a variety to choose from.

After washing everything we own, we are now living out of ziplock bags. Why? So we don’t re-infest ourselves. All of our clothes are in sealable bags until the treatments are over. We’re also storing the bags in our office, also known as a ‘clean room.’

Finally, the number one rule is to not sleep in any room other than the bedroom. If we sleep on the couch, for instance, the bugs will hunt us down and infest the livingroom. To better fight your enemy, you must know your enemy.

Take your stinkin’ claws out of me you damned, dirty bugs

We’ve gone through one treatment, so far. Our next is coming up in a couple of weeks. In short, this totally sucks. I hope none of you are ever unlucky enough to experience these little blood-suckers. Knowing that something is making a meal of you makes it kind of hard to sleep, you know?

Prevention is key. Be smart when traveling and don’t be afraid to leave a hotel or request a different room.

Travel tips:

♦ When staying out-of-town, check mattresses for signs of infestation.

♦ Don’t set suitcases, clothing or briefcases on the beds. Set your belongings on a coffee table or a luggage rack.

♦ Wash and dry clothes immediately after coming home from a trip. Use hot water and a high dry setting.

♦ Research your hotel on bed bug registries. Use google to find the sites that track bed bug infestations.

Since this whole thing started about a week ago, we’ve washed our sheets 3 times, all of our clothes once, threw away a hamper, spent almost $1000 on an exterminator, over $75 on mattress and pillow covers, $50 on storage bags and we’re still getting bit, though not as often.

In total, including laundry costs, I estimate we’ll spend $1500 by the time we’re bug free.

Remember: This can happen to anybody.

If you have any personal stories or suggestions, share them below! I’m interested in your take on these pesky bugs.

Will is Farm and Dairy's newest writer. He's recently moved to Lisbon, Ohio where he lives in a church turned community theater. He enjoys writing (of course), theater and hiking.
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