Some readers may have missed the name change or the news that I got married. I can’t believe it will be four weeks tomorrow.

Anyway, here is the news if you missed it.

I married Kurt Seachrist, Sept. 29, on my family’s farm.

Well, not only did we get married there, but we also held the reception on the farm.

I could tell you a thousand reasons why we decided on the farm, but it comes down to one thing: It fit us.

We got engaged in May after the farm had been planted in soybeans, which made finding the right place on the farm a little more difficult. We knew the barn wouldn’t be big enough and parking would be a problem, so we got creative!

I wish we had taken pictures of the wedding site before it became the wedding site. It was just a wooded area.

There are about 10 acres of woods off the back of the farm. The area had grown in over the years and there was no way a large group of people or tents were going to fit into the area without some clearing.

However, it didn’t deter my dad from suggesting the area.

So over a couple of weekends, my dad and Kurt cleared the area. They worked for hours at a time trying to figure out how much needed cleared and what all needed removed from the site.

Then came the next dilemma. The drought hit and we had a lot of brush that had to be burned. It was nerve-wracking looking at the pile and wondering if it would ever get burned in time.

Slowly, in between everything else and watching the radar, my dad would burn brush. Then grass was planted in the woods. The grass didn’t grow in as nicely as we had hoped, but it could have been worse!

Luckily, no major trees had to be removed from the site. The trees that were removed were either dead or not healthy.

After the brush was cleared, my dad graded the area with a bulldozer and the site was born.

Before long, I knew where the tents were going and where the wedding ceremony was going to be held. I could picture an arbor in my head and where to put the bales of straw where the guests would sit. I could see where the horse and wagon would drive through and drop off the wedding party.

I just knew the work would be worth the ending.

I thought the work getting the site ready with planting flowers and building driveways would be the greatest stress.

Then the week of the wedding came.

It began raining Tuesday and the weather people said it would be over Wednesday. I wasn’t too worried when the rain began. I figured as long as the weather outlook called for no rain on the wedding day, all would be OK.

However, it didn’t stop raining Wednesday. It rained all through Thursday, too. This is when my nerves got frayed!

But by the time Saturday afternoon came around, the ground had dried up and the driveway was passable!

I have to say all the stress was worth the ending!

I thought I would share some pictures from the event taken by my friend, Amy Russell.



Kristy Foster Seachrist lives in Columbiana County raising sheep and horses with her husband, Kurt. She earned her degree from Youngstown State University and has worked in both print and broadcast journalism.
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