Every farm has one.

It’s the tractor that has a story behind it. No matter what the color, there is a story behind that specific tractor. On my parent’s farm, it’s the U302 or the “little Minnie” — the Minneapolis Moline.

No one is sure of the year, but it arrived in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It was originally my grandfather’s tractor and it came to the farm new.

Actually, the story goes that my grandfather bought it and my grandmother didn’t know about it until the truck pulled into the farm with it on the trailer!

I had forgotten about it because it was parked in the corner of the machinery shed. It had been silent for a long time.

The motor blew up over 15 years ago and for some reason, it just never got on the have-to-do list. I can remember my dad spending a lot of time on that tractor when I was young. But it seemed to have slipped my mind.

Then came along my fiance, Kurt. The man eats, breathes and lives by antique tractors. He enjoys the challenge of getting a motor to turn over after years of neglect.

So this spring, he took the Minneapolis Moline home with him. I thought he was crazy! I thought it wouldn’t run again.

Boy was I wrong!

Anyway, without my dad knowing, Kurt tore the tractor apart and painted it once he got it running again.

The good news is that my dad could not have been happier when he saw the tractor on the trailer and even happier when it came off the trailer and heard it running. It was music to his ears. Now the Minnie is back home where it belongs — back on the farm and raking hay.

It’s the tractor with a story behind it on our farm!

How about yours? What stories are behind the tractors on your farm or in your family?

Kristy Foster Seachrist lives in Columbiana County raising sheep and horses with her husband, Kurt. She earned her degree from Youngstown State University and has worked in both print and broadcast journalism.
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