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With technology use on the rise in agriculture and one-third of U.S. adults using smart phones, it’s likely that farmers have smartphones too, right?

Smartphones applications are becoming more robust and useful. Is there apps useful for farming? Yes! There’s many smart phone applications for farmers.

What was once possible only on a desktop computer is now possible in the palm of your hand. Smart phones can email, calculate, talk, text, video chat, surf the web, give directions, act as a flashlight and, interestingly, fight crime and save ducklings.

So what? Well, farmers and gardeners can take their smart phones out of their deep, dark pockets and bring them into the sunshine because here’s a few phone applications designed with farmers in mind.

Here’s 10 useful smartphone apps for farmers and gardeners:

Target Date- Free (Droid)

Are you calculating how many days until harvest? Target Date is an app that easily calculates the amount of time between two dates. This has many uses on a farm. Users can also choose to ignore weekends and holidays. This app is also useful for estimating livestock births. It’s versatile.

Weather Bug- Free (Droid or iPhone)

Weather Bug is, in my opinion, the best weather application out there. The app looks and functions wonderfully. Users can access live radar, extended forecasts and weather alerts. They can also spy on the weather through more than 2,000 weather cameras located throughout the U.S.. Another useful feature is Weather Bug’s GPS capabilities. It allows the app to share weather news relevant to the user’s current location.


Calendar Pad- Free ( Droid)

If Android’s calendar app isn’t robust enough for your needs, download this useful app. Calendar Pad allows users to schedule events, set alerts and search calendars for specific keywords just in case you can’t remember what day that doctor’s appointment is and you don’t have time to scan through the calendar. Calendar Pad can also put a nifty little widget on your phone that keeps you up-to-date without actually taking the time to open the application.

Real Calc- Free (Droid)

The base calculator that many smart phones come with is hardly better than an abacus. The developers of Real Calc knew that users were looking for something better. Real Calc puts the power of a scientific calculator in your smart phone. The only app better than Real Calc is the paid version, Real Calc Plus. The paid version offers features like a full results history and trig functions.

Soilweb- Free (Droid or iPhone)

Soilweb is a free app that gives GPS-based, real-time access to USDA-NRCS soil survey data. It retrieves summaries of soil types associated with the user’s current location. It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done.

Leafsnap- Free (iPhone)

What happens when you combine the mental strength of Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution? Leafsnap. Leafsnap is an app that uses visual recognition software to help identify plant species from photographs of their leafs. Users simply take a photo of the plant in question and the app does the rest.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer- Free (iPhone)

If you’re looking for an app that does (almost) everything, download DTN/ The Progressive Farmer. This robust app puts weather data, market data, grain prices, ag news and videos in the hands of the users. The only draw back is the app is only available for iPads. The apps shortcomings are forgivable because it’s such a complete and useful experience.

Growing Degree Days- Free (Droid or iPhone)

This app measures the maturity of your crops based on current and past growing data for your farm’s location. Users can access the information by entering a zip code or by simply finding a location on the application’s map.

Mix Tank 2.0- Free (Droid or iPhone)

This app won the AgProfessional magazine’s “Readers’ Choice 2011 Top Product of the Year award” and for good reason. Its purpose is simple, help applicators with proper tank mixing. The app includes mixing precautions, weather integration, spray logs and alerts. This app even documents your spraying time. The database includes over 1,100 products from over 17 different manufacturers.

Evernote- Free (Droid or iPhone)

Evernote is one of those apps that completely changes the way you use your phone. The idea is simple: Let users take notes of any kind, anywhere and sync those notes to multiple devices. With a premium account users can upload notes to the cloud and let other users edit the notes with ease. This app is useful in so many different ways, it would be a waste of energy to name every use a farmer or gardener would get from it.

As always, if you have any other suggestions for useful apps, leave them in the comments below!


Will is Farm and Dairy's newest writer. He's recently moved to Lisbon, Ohio where he lives in a church turned community theater. He enjoys writing (of course), theater and hiking.
Will Flannigan
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