I was at dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago and someone whipped out a picture of with two guys in it. The guys in the picture were only in their underwear, playing with a toy gun.

The guys in it found no humor in it, but we thought it was cute.

And then I heard the nicknames and jokes the brothers were bantering back and forth. I didn’t think much of it. You know, brothers will be brothers. The picture was from over 30 years ago and those two were still bantering at dinner like it was back then.

You could tell, some things never change.

Later, I was in the barn with two of my nieces and something crossed my mind. Not only will some of the pictures that have been taken be an embarrassment to them some day, but they might not like the nicknames given to them either.

We don’t think much of the names we are given as children. We just go on and play with our friends and siblings and come when called.

I can remember playing with my brothers and my mom calling us. Today, three of us still go by our childhood nicknames. I think we have grown into them in some respects and when it comes to family, we think it’s just the way it is.

My nieces, Tay-Tay and Maddi don’t seem to be bothered by their nicknames now, but we will see in 20 years. And I’m willing to bet they probably won’t like looking back at some of their pictures either! (I know I don’t sometimes!)

Oh, and if you are wondering, yes, I do have a nickname, and yes, my family and close friends still call me by it. You would probably never guess it, so I’ll just tell you. It’s Toots like a Tootsie Roll.

My dad came home one day from his construction job, while I was in the bassinet, called me Toots and it stuck!

Sometimes, nicknames are just a family thing!

Kristy Foster Seachrist lives in Columbiana County raising sheep and horses with her husband, Kurt. She earned her degree from Youngstown State University and has worked in both print and broadcast journalism.
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