Monthly archive February, 2012

My beagles strike up a mean tune

A hunter's high note is spending time with his dogs, and watching them work.

Braised Lamb Shank with Three Bean Ragout

In honor of Lamb is for Lovers Month. We are sharing this recipe from American Lamb.

Shale industry: It’s time to keep up, not wimp out

When I started covering the subject, it was just as the Marcellus Shale was taken hold in northeastern Pennsylvania and none of us knew it was on its way west.

The truth about modern agriculture is … absolute and definable

I think the freight train is already here -- it's already spreading fear, misinformation and lies at the sake of advancing agendas that too frequently bear no truth.

Peanut Butter Caramel French Toast

Try this french toast dish and enjoy peanut butter for breakfast!

If saving money weren’t so darned expensive …

There are so many new products and ideas that promise to help you save more money, but are they really worth the cost?

Red Velvet with Love Cupcakes

Declare your love with cupcakes! This recipe includes red velvet cake and homemade icing.

Summertime blues…..

Anyone else suffering from the winter woes and wishing for warm sunny weather?

Youth panel shows maturity, wisdom at dairy conference

Watching the youth panel at the North Central Ohio Dairy Grazing Conference is something that will stick with me for some time.

Award-winning recipes: Strawberry Shortcake Brownies

Who says strawberry shortcake and brownies are two separate foods? Not us. This recipe by Michael Zaffuto combines the two for a scrumptious treat. It won the Hershey's Cocoa Classic Cookie, Brownie and Bar Contest at the 2012 Pa. Farm Show, and we can see why.

Carroll County is passionate about agriculture

Agriculture is tied to everything in Carroll County and residents know it.