It’s January. Winter has officially arrived (sort of). It’s cold outside (sometimes). It’s icy. It’s snowy. And for the next few months, we can expect that the roads will might be a mess and that we’ll be scraping snow off our cars when we drive to work or the grocery or any other number of places to which we might travel.

But, it’s January! The Super Bowl is less than a month away. So are all the wonderful things that accompany the championship game of America’s favorite sport (apologies to baseball fans): The house parties with 10 different varieties of chip dip and a 30-foot party sub, the terrible half-time entertainment and the barrage of high-priced — and highly anticipated — advertisements. Also, football.

At The Social Silo, we’re so excited for the festivities to begin that we decided to throw our very own Souper Bowl — sans the pig skin.

So what exactly does this promotion involve, you ask? Well, in one word, soup. We’re looking for your best soup recipes to be published in The Social Silo and in the Jan. 26 edition of Farm and Dairy’s recipe corner — just in time for the real Super Bowl. (And just in time to help get readers through those long, possibly cold and snowy winter months ahead.)

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