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Looking back: Fiscal cliff, drought and ‘farm it maybe’ were big in 2012

Some closing thoughts, before we go over the "cliff" and into 2013.

Promised Land: The movie has ties to western Pennsylvania

Some of the scenes from the new movie, "Promised Land," were filmed in western Pennsylvania.

Five tips for handling farmer-bashing on social media

'I can't believe that Facebook post!' (but I don't know how to respond). Five tips for farmers on responding to negative social media buzz.

Volunteers help warm the Zinz family’s home and hearts

With his right arm scheduled to be removed, roughly 30 people turned out to help Dan Zinz prepare firewood to heat his family's home.

Parmesan Panko Potato Balls

Panko crusted potatos? Sure, why not?!

The 30 Mile Meal program is coming to Youngstown

A new project is beginning in the Youngstown area to connect producers with restaurants, consumers and any other outlets that would benefit from purchasing locally grown vegetables or meat.

In Connecticut and other tragedies, media should cover the narrative that exists

There is a real-life narrative unfolding about what just happened -- a narrative that affects many lives and that needs told.

Honey Roasted Peanut Crusted Pork Loin

Our favorite meat is pork. Why not try this hearty recipe with some fresh vegetables?

Online deals for Farmers

Shopping online this holiday season? Check out these sites for some deals!

Bed bugs…it’s war

Nothing is more annoying or downright vile than a creature who preys upon sleeping victims. At least give us the respect of sucking our blood while we're awake! I'm not a fan of mosquitos, but at least they're straightforward about dining on hemoglobin.

Iced Pumpkin Chex® Mix

Chex Mix and pumpkin? Yes!

Green Chirstmas: The History and Legends of Holiday Plants

These traditional holiday plants have served as symbols of winter and Christmas custom for centuries.